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Pollination Dating Terms of Use

The British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) provides an introductory service via the site www.pollinationdating.com between Land Owners and BBKA registered members.

Land Owner - the person who promotes the site and registers as such on the Pollination Dating site.

BBKA Registered Member - the person who is registered as a full member of the BBKA.

Users of this site do so at their own risk, BBKA is not liable or responsible for any activities undertaken on the Land Owners property by the beekeeper.

All arrangements made between the Land Owner and the BBKA registered member are between the two parties and are not negotiated on behalf of the BBKA. BBKA is not liable or party to the contract, be it written or verbal.

Land Owners should be confident that there is access for the BBKA registered member to attend the site

BBKA Registered Members should ensure that their BBKA membership is maintained to ensure continuity of 3rd Party Public Liability Insurance

Both Land Owner and BBKA registered member should take responsibility for their own personal safety at all times.

BBKA Registered members should follow the recommended BBKA guidelines as pertinent to the situation and/or location.

BBKA is not responsible for any misrepresentation of the promoted site, it is the responsibility of the Land Owner to truly reflect the location as accurately as possible.

These terms of use are subject to change and up dating. It is not the responsibility of the BBKA to advise LandOwners or BBKA registered members of the update to the terms of use.